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Infra-red Clarius units from GJD protects
‘one of the wonders of the world’


Wessex Fire & Security approached GJD Manufacturing who supplied their innovative Infra-red Clarius IM units to meet a specific client requirement. Through the course of the equipment verification process the client elected to use Video Analytics and as a consequence they needed to separate cameras from IR sources to minimise insect attraction to the cameras. Chris Stott, Director of Wessex Fire & Security comments “we looked at a number of product alternatives but selected the ALT Clarius Illuminators due to our previous experience and to date we are really pleased with the equipment performance”.

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Advanced LED Technology Ltd are leaders in providing innovative lighting solutions to the professional CCTV market. We have quickly established ourselves as a leading manufacturer exporting to many countries worldwide. We manufacture a complete range of infra red and white light LED lighting products specifically designed for the CCTV industry.

Why have CCTV lighting?

At night or in low light conditions, CCTV lighting can really enhance images, meaning that you can still monitor activity in your chosen areas with no compromise on picture quality. Even with cameras that are designed for low light or night time viewing, our lighting solutions will greatly improve the image quality.


Infrared illuminators are designed to work in conjunction with B&W or Day and Night Cameras providing a light invisible to the human eye but fully visible to the CCTV camera. They pick up images clearly without attracting attention to the camera as there’s normally nothing more than a very dim glow on the unit.


LED based white-light illuminators deliver perfect white-light for use with colour cameras. LED white-light simulates daylight unlike the more standard incandescent sources, and it will illuminate your images, brightening any chosen area. Whether you want to deter potential problems or offer support in darkened areas, this is a great solution.

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